Decades of experience in imaging science (selected publications)

CVIT scientists regularly publish findings and frequently present at scientific conferences.

Simulated Liver Lesion
Simulated Liver Lesion

Featured Publications

  • Fu W, Sharma S, Abadi E, Iliopoulos AS, Wang Q, Lo JY, Sun X, Segars WP, Samei E.
    iPhantom: A Framework for Automated Creation of Individualized Computational Phantoms and Its Application to CT Organ Dosimetry.
    IEEE J Biomed Health Inform. .2021;25(8):3061-72. Epub 2021/03/03. [Foundation]

  • Draelos RL, Dov D, Mazurowski MA, Lo JY, Henao R, Rubin GD, Carin L.
    Machine-learning-based multiple abnormality prediction with large-scale chest computed tomography volumes.
    Med Image Anal. .2021;67:101857. Epub 2020/11/01. PMC7726032. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Paul Segars W, Chalian H, Samei E.
    Virtual Imaging Trials for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. .2021;216(2):362-8. Epub 2020/08/22. PMC8080437. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Segars WP, Tsui BMW, Kinahan PE, Bottenus N, Frangi AF, Maidment A, Lo J, Samei E.
    Virtual clinical trials in medical imaging: a review.
    J Med Imaging (Bellingham). .2020;7(4):042805. Epub 2020/04/22. PMC7148435. [Foundation]

  • Solomon J, Ebner L, Christe A, Peters A, Munz J, Löbelenz L, Klaus J, Richards T, Samei E, Roos JE.
    Minimum perceivable size difference: how well can radiologists visually detect a change in lung nodule size from CT images?
    Eur Radiol. .2021;31(4):1947-55. Epub 2020/10/01. [Foundation]

  • Hoye J, Solomon JB, Sauer TJ, Samei E.
    Quantification of Minimum Detectable Difference in Radiomics Features Across Lesions and CT Imaging Conditions.
    Acad Radiol. .2020. Epub 2020/08/24. PMC7895859. [Foundation]

  • Samei E, Kinahan P, Nishikawa RM, Maidment A.
    Virtual Clinical Trials: Why and What (Special Section Guest Editorial).
    J Med Imaging (Bellingham). .2020;7(4):042801. Epub 2020/07/28. PMC7364111. [Foundation]

  • Samei E, Ria F, Tian X, Segars PW.
    A database of 40 patient-based computational models for benchmarking organ dose estimates in CT.
    Med Phys. .2020;47(12):6562-6. Epub 2020/07/07. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Segars WP, Harrawood B, Sharma S, Kapadia A, Samei E.
    Virtual clinical trial for quantifying the effects of beam collimation and pitch on image quality in computed tomography.
    J Med Imaging (Bellingham). .2020;7(4):042806. Epub 2020/06/09. PMC7262564. [Foundation]

  • Faryna K, Tushar F, D”Anniballe V, Hou R, Rubin G, Lo J.
    Attention-guided classification of abnormalities in semi-structured computed tomography reports.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2020;11314. [Foundation]

  • Saha A, Tushar F, Faryna K, D”Anniballe V, Hou R, Mazurowski M, Rubin G, Lo J.
    Weakly supervised 3D classification of chest CT using aggregated multi-resolution deep segmentation features.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2020;11314. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Rajagopal J, Sauer T, Jones E, Segars WP, Samei E.
    Optimization of energy thresholds in photon-counting CT via a virtual clinical trial.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2020;11312. [Foundation]

  • Sauer T, Richards T, Buckler A, Daubert M, Douglas P, Segars W, Samei E.
    Synthesis of physiologically-informed computational coronary artery plaques for use in virtual clinical trials (Conference Presentation).
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2020;11312. [Foundation]

  • Meyer M, Ronald J, Vernuccio F, Nelson RC, Ramirez-Giraldo JC, Solomon J, Patel BN, Samei E, Marin D.
    Reproducibility of CT Radiomic Features within the Same Patient: Influence of Radiation Dose and CT Reconstruction Settings.
    Radiology. .2019;293(3):583-91. Epub 2019/10/02. [Foundation]

  • Sharma S, Kapadia A, Fu W, Abadi E, Segars WP, Samei E.
    A real-time Monte Carlo tool for individualized dose estimations in clinical CT.
    Phys Med Biol. . 2019;64(21):215020. Epub 2019/09/21. PMC7050822. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Harrawood B, Rajagopal JR, Sharma S, Kapadia A, Segars WP, Stierstorfer K, Sedlmair M, Jones E, Samei E.
    Development of a scanner-specific simulation framework for photon-counting computed tomography.
    Biomed Phys Eng Express. 2019;5(5). Epub 2019/08/01. PMC7725233. [Foundation]