We develop and advance virtual trial methods

CVIT develops and disseminates technologies for conducting human trials of imaging methods.

Computer model of lungs - Non-parenchyma

TR&D Projects

TR&D 1 - Virtual Patients

We are developing a framework from which researchers can generate vast populations of realistic, customizable virtual subjects for 3D and 4D research, significantly advancing human modeling to enable virtual imaging trials.

TR&D 2 - Virtual Scanners

We are developing a platform for rapid, accurate, and realistic CT simulations capable of generating 3D and 4D CT images and radiation dose estimates for highly detailed patient-specific anatomies with physiological and perfusion dynamics.

TR&D 3 - Virtual Readers

Virtual imaging trials culminate in the analysis of medical images by virtual readers. We are seeking ways to emulate and extend the clinical reading of images for specific tasks such as lesion detection, classification, or measurement.

Collaborative Projects (CPs)

Collaborative Projects (CPs) extend the reach of the Center while synergistically receiving the benefits of the collaborations to extend their scientific endeavors. Our CPs represent a diverse network of research labs and scientists covering a broad range of research topics, each with a push-pull relationship with the Center to design, optimize, and evaluate CT technologies or applications.

Service Projects (SPs)

One of the important missions of CVIT is to extend the effectiveness of ongoing research in CT imaging through Service Projects (SPs). Our SP partners have access to our early phase development tools, which will be grown and enhanced through the course of the Center’s progression.


Our publications appear in top peer-reviewed journals. CVIT scientists regularly publish findings and frequently present at scientific conferences.