Decades of experience in imaging science (selected publications)

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Simulated Liver Lesion
Simulated Liver Lesion

Featured Publications

  • Fu W, Sharma S, Abadi E, Iliopoulos AS, Wang Q, Lo JY, Sun X, Segars WP, Samei E.
    iPhantom: A Framework for Automated Creation of Individualized Computational Phantoms and Its Application to CT Organ Dosimetry.
    IEEE J Biomed Health Inform. .2021;25(8):3061-72. Epub 2021/03/03. [Foundation]

  • Draelos RL, Dov D, Mazurowski MA, Lo JY, Henao R, Rubin GD, Carin L.
    Machine-learning-based multiple abnormality prediction with large-scale chest computed tomography volumes.
    Med Image Anal. .2021;67:101857. Epub 2020/11/01. PMC7726032. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Paul Segars W, Chalian H, Samei E.
    Virtual Imaging Trials for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. .2021;216(2):362-8. Epub 2020/08/22. PMC8080437. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Segars WP, Tsui BMW, Kinahan PE, Bottenus N, Frangi AF, Maidment A, Lo J, Samei E.
    Virtual clinical trials in medical imaging: a review.
    J Med Imaging (Bellingham). .2020;7(4):042805. Epub 2020/04/22. PMC7148435. [Foundation]

  • Tushar FI, D’Anniballe V, Rubin G, Samei E, Lo J.
    Co-occurring diseases heavily influence the performance of weakly supervised learning models for classification of chest CT.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. 2022;12033

  • Tushar FI, Nujaim H, Fu W, Abadi E, Mazurowski M, Segars W, Samei E, Lo JY.
    Quality or quantity: toward a unified approach for multi-organ segmentation in body CT.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. 2022;12031.

  • Zarei M, Sotoudeh-Paima S, Abadi E, Samei E.
    A truth-based primal-dual learning approach to reconstruct CT images utilizing the virtual imaging trial platform.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. 2022;12031.

  • Azizmohammadi F, Navarro Castellanos I, Miró J, Segars P, Samei E, Duong L.
    Generative learning approach for radiation dose reduction in X-ray guided cardiac interventions.
    Medical Physics. 2022;49(6):4071-81.

  • Chen J, Frey EC, He Y, Segars WP, Li Y, Du Y.
    TransMorph: Transformer for unsupervised medical image registration.
    Medical Image Analysis. 2022:102615.

  • D’Anniballe VM, Tushar FI, Faryna K, Han S, Mazurowski MA, Rubin GD, Lo JY.
    Multi-label annotation of text reports from computed tomography of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis using deep learning.
    BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2022;22(1):102. 2022.

  • Fedrigo R, Segars WP, Martineau P, Gowdy C, Bloise I, Uribe CF, Rahmim A.
    Development of scalable lymphatic system in the 4D XCAT phantom: application to quantitative evaluation of lymphoma PET segmentations.
    Medical Physics. 2022.

  • Xie H, Thorn S, Liu Y, Lee S, Liu Z, Wang G, Sinusas A, Liu C.
    Deep Learning Based Few-Angle Cardiac SPECT Reconstruction using Transformer.
    IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences. 2022.

  • Xie H, Thorn S, Chen X, Zhou B, Liu H, Liu Z, Lee S, Wang G, Liu Y, Sinusas A, Liu C.
    Increasing Angular Sampling Through Deep Learning for Stationary Cardiac SPECT Image Reconstruction.
    Journal of Nuclear Cardiology. 2022.

  • Tushar FI, D’Anniballe VM, Hou R, Mazurowski MA, Fu W, Samei E, Rubin GD, Lo JY.
    Classification of Multiple Diseases on Body CT Scans Using Weakly Supervised Deep Learning.
    Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. 2022;4(1):e210026.

  • Taguchi K, Polster C, Segars WP, Aygun N, Stierstorfer K.
    Model-based pulse pileup and charge sharing compensation for photon counting detectors: A simulation study.
    Medical Physics. 2022;49(8):5038-51.

  • Sharma S, Pal D, Abadi E, Sauer T, Segars P, Hsieh J, Samei E.
    Can photon-counting CT improve estimation accuracy of morphological radiomics features? A simulation study for assessing the quantitative benefits from improved spatial resolution in deep silicon-based photon-counting CT.
    Academic Radiology. 2022.