Decades of experience in imaging science (selected publications)

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Simulated Liver Lesion
Simulated Liver Lesion

Featured Publications

  • Fu W, Sharma S, Abadi E, Iliopoulos AS, Wang Q, Lo JY, Sun X, Segars WP, Samei E.
    iPhantom: A Framework for Automated Creation of Individualized Computational Phantoms and Its Application to CT Organ Dosimetry.
    IEEE J Biomed Health Inform. .2021;25(8):3061-72. Epub 2021/03/03. [Foundation]

  • Draelos RL, Dov D, Mazurowski MA, Lo JY, Henao R, Rubin GD, Carin L.
    Machine-learning-based multiple abnormality prediction with large-scale chest computed tomography volumes.
    Med Image Anal. .2021;67:101857. Epub 2020/11/01. PMC7726032. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Paul Segars W, Chalian H, Samei E.
    Virtual Imaging Trials for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. .2021;216(2):362-8. Epub 2020/08/22. PMC8080437. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Segars WP, Tsui BMW, Kinahan PE, Bottenus N, Frangi AF, Maidment A, Lo J, Samei E.
    Virtual clinical trials in medical imaging: a review.
    J Med Imaging (Bellingham). .2020;7(4):042805. Epub 2020/04/22. PMC7148435. [Foundation]

  • Jadick G, Abadi E, Harrawood B, Sharma S, Segars WP, Samei E.
    A framework to simulate CT images with tube current modulation.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2021;11595. [Foundation]

  • Zarei M, Abadi E, Fricks R, Segars WP, Samei E.
    A probabilistic conditional adversarial neural network to reduce imaging variation in radiography.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2021;11595. [Foundation]

  • Zarei M, Abadi E, Segars WP, Richards T, Samei E.
    Multi-factorial optimization of imaging parameters for quantifying coronary stenosis in cardiac CT.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2021;11595. [Foundation]

  • Sauer T, Abadi E, Segars WP, Samei E.
    Optimization of CT angiography using physiologically-informed computational plaques, dynamic XCAT phantoms, and physics-based CT simulation.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2021;11595. [Foundation]

  • Sugiura T, Tanaka R, Segars WP, Abadi E, Samei E.
    Correlation of respiratory changes in lung density on dynamic chest radiographs with changes in the CT value: a computational phantom study.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2021;11595. [Foundation]

  • Abadi E, Jadick G, Hoffman E, Lynch D, Segars WP, Samei E.
    COPD quantifications via CT imaging: ascertaining the effects of acquisition protocol using virtual imaging trial.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2021;11595. [Foundation]

  • Gann AM, Abadi E, Hoye J, Sauer T, Segars WP, Chalian H, Samei E.
    An analysis of radiomics features in lung lesions in COVID-19.
    SPIE Medical Imaging. .2021;11595. [Foundation]

  • Tanaka R, Samei E, Segars WP, Abadi E, Matsumoto I, Tamura M, Takata M, Yamashiro T.
    Assessment of pleural invasion and adhesion of lung tumors with dynamic chest radiography: A virtual clinical imaging study.
    Med Phys. .2021;48(4):1616-23. Epub 2021/02/04. [Foundation]

  • Fu W, Ria F, Segars WP, Choudhury KR, Wilson JM, Kapadia AJ, Samei E.
    Patient-Informed Organ Dose Estimation in Clinical CT: Implementation and Effective Dose Assessment in 1048 Clinical Patients.
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. .2021;216(3):824-34. Epub 2021/01/22. PMC8018383. [Foundation]

  • Samei E, Richards T, Segars WP, Daubert MA, Ivanov A, Rubin GD, Douglas PS, Hoffmann U.
    Task-dependent estimability index to assess the quality of cardiac computed tomography angiography for quantifying coronary stenosis.
    J Med Imaging (Bellingham). .2021;8(1):013501. Epub 2021/01/16. PMC7797007. [Foundation]

  • Sauer TJ, Samei E, Bejan A.
    Cell and extracellular matrix growth theory and its implications for tumorigenesis.
    Biosystems. .2021;201:104331. Epub 2020/12/29. [Foundation]

  • MacDonald LR, Lo JY, Sturgeon GM, Zeng C, Harrison RL, Kinahan PE, Segars WP.
    Impact of Using Uniform Attenuation Coefficients for Heterogeneously Dense Breasts in a Dedicated Breast PET/X-ray Scanner.
    IEEE Trans Radiat Plasma Med Sci. .2020;4(5):585-93. Epub 2020/11/10. PMC7643852. [Foundation]