Summit Details

The invited speakers of the VITM24 conference are:


The 2.5–day Summit will include

  1. Presentations by leading scientists, practitioners, and developers of related scholarship,
  2. Workshops,
  3. Proffered presentations, and
  4. Industry expo

The intended audiences are all individuals interested in the development and medical use of virtual tools including biomedical engineers, physicists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, clinical practitioners, regulators, and vendors. The topics are informed by the following broad categories:

  • Computational human models
  • Computational models of diseases
  • Computational models of imaging systems
  • Computational models of interventional hardware
  • Computational models of interventional processes
  • Imaging assessment models
  • Data interpretation models
  • Standards and data formats for VT
  • VT and its utility and application to AI
  • Hybrid clinical and virtual trials
  • VT and its relevance and role in regulatory science
  • Verification, validation, and inference of VT results
  • Variability quantification and its representation in VT
  • Limits of approximation and extrapolation of VT results
  • Case example applications of VT
  • Application of VT to clinical practice
  • Future priorities and application of VT2.5