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DukeSim v1.0


DukeSim v1.0 is a GPU-based CT simulator that generates CT projection images of a given voxelized computational phantom.

Capabilities for DukeSim v1.0:

  • Ray-tracing module for primary signal
  • Monte Carlo for scatter
  • Estimates dose
  • Helical and axial acquisitions
  • Focal spot wobbling (flying focal spot)
  • Beam hardening correction
  • Tube current modulation
  • Simulates both energy-integrating and photon counting detectors


  • Voxelized computational phantom and corresponding material file
  • Acquisition geometry
  • X-ray spectrum file (including bowtie filter)
  • Detector response file
  • A parameter file including the acquisition protocol


  • Sinogram images
  • Dose estimates