15 presentations from CVIT and CIPG at the AAPM annual meeting

Small and full auditorium

A new important scientific event is approaching soon involving several Center for Virtual Imaging Trials members. Together with the Clinical Imaging Physics Group (CIPG) and RAILabs colleagues, CVIT researchers are heading to Houston, TX for the 2023 American Association of Physicist in Medicine (AAPM) annual meeting. Between July 23-27, thousands of medical physicists and healthcare professionals from around the World will gather to discuss the latest advancement in the field with CVIT, CIPG, and RAILabs presenting a total of 15 scientific studies.

The theme of the conference “The Art of Science, the Science of Care” has been proposed by 2023 AAPM President and CVIT Director Dr. Ehsan Samei. Throughout the annual meeting, he will lead several Presidential events together with prominent artists and thought leaders. In his letter to the medical physics community, Dr. Samei highlighted how the theme of the conference: “reminds us of the privilege of being a medical physicist, a vocation rooted in ingenuity, imagination, and creativity (the art, if you will), which is then enacted within a field that is one of the highest embodiments of human intelligence (physics), and all that, then translated into a practice with direct benefit to human health.”

The following is a list of the CVIT presentations. Stay tuned to our social media for more details and to follow CVIT members during their presentations.

  • Nicole Lafata: Clinical Evaluation of AEC Target Exposure Accuracy in Radiography: A Generalized Methodology across Diverse Systems. July 23rd, 2:14pm, Room 371 (GRBCC).
  • Francesco Ria: Comparative Risk Assessment of Clinical and Radiation Risk across a Cohort of Patient and Individualized Risk Optimization. July 23rd, 3:00pm, Exhibit Hall Forum 8 (Level 1, GRBCC).
  • Francesco Ria: Accuracy of Noise Magnitude Measurements from Patient CT Images: A Virtual Imaging Study. July 23rd, 3:30pm, Exhibit Hall Forum 8 (Level 1, GRBCC).
  • Madhura Khandekar: Training an Algorithm to Segment Motion Artifacts in CT Using Virtual Imaging Data. July 23rd, 3:30pm, Exhibit Hall Forum 8 (Level 1, GRBCC).
  • Ehsan Samei: President’s Symposium: The Art of Science, the Science of Care. July 24th, 10:15am, Assembly BC (Level 3, GRBCC).
  • Steven T. Bache: What Is the Optimum kV for Photon Counting CT Imaging of Adults and Children? July 24th, 1:15pm, Exhibit Hall Forum 8 (Level 1, GRBCC).
  • Ehsan Samei: President Symposium Fireside Chat. July 24th, 3:15pm, Room 340 (GRBCC).
  • Amar Kavuri: A Dockerized CT Simulator with a User-Friendly Graphical User Interface: Development and Initial Demonstration. July 25th, 9:30am, Exhibit Hall Forum 8 (Level 1, GRBCC).
  • Nicholas D. Felice: Photon-Counting CT Compared to Energy-Integrating CT for Detection of Liver Lesions. July 25th, 2:15pm, Room 361 (GRBCC).
  • Mridul Bhattarai: Edge-on Irradiated Silicon-Based Photon-Counting CT Vs. Energy-Integrating CT for Bronchitis Quantification: A Virtual Imaging Trial Study. July 25th, 2:25pm, Room 361 (Level 3, GRBCC).
  • Raj Kumar Panta: Liver Fat Quantification with an Edge-on-Irradiated Silicon Photon-Counting CT in a Virtual Imaging Trial. July 25th, 2:35pm, Room 361 (Level 3, GRBCC).
  • Ehsan Samei: Medical Physics Meets Visual Arts. July 25th, 4:00pm, Innovation Room 1 (Level 1, GRBCC).
  • Hananiel Setiawan: Development and Testing of a Clinical Tool to Predict and Optimize Liver Contrast-Enhanced CT Imaging. July 26th, 9:30am, Exhibit Hall – Forum 8 (Level 1, GRBCC).
  • Ehsan Samei: Presidential Forum: Medical Physics NOW. July 26th, 4:30pm, Room 372 (GRBCC).
  • Isabel S. Montero: Sensitivity of Trial Results on the Simulation Parameters in Virtual CT Imaging Trials. July 27th, 7:50am, Room 361 (GRBCC).

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