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Pysarfe Radiomics Pipeline


  • Pipeline includes eleven unsupervised binary segmentation methods and a feature extraction module to calculate various radiomics features for an image and its binary segmentation pair.
  • User can segment an image with the available methods by providing the image directory in the acceptable formats of the Simple ITK package, DICOM, .raw, or .bin. Furthermore, arrays that can be converted into Simple ITK images are acceptable.
  • The radiomics feature extraction utilizes the “Pyradiomics” package to carry out the calculation. Seven different radiomics feature classes are available. Users can execute the feature extraction with the original image and its segmentation. The inputs must be either a path to the images in one of the above acceptable formats.
  • User can define a Region of Interest (ROI) to perform the segmentation and feature extraction. Details of the inputs/outputs and the available parameters are given in the readme file.