A new NIH R01 grant just awarded to Ehsan Abadi

Computerized Human Organ Models

A new NIH R01 grant titled “Accuracy and Precision in CT Quantification of COPD Through Virtual Imaging Trials” was just awarded to Ehsan Abadi, one of the principal investigators of the Center for Virtual Imaging Trials. The grant would further extend the efforts of the center into the domain of lung imaging through the development of methodologies for the evaluation and optimization of quantitative CT imaging biomarkers for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) across scanner makes and models, imaging parameters, and patient attributes.

The grant aims to achieve its goal by utilizing the resources developed at the center, particularly in silico models of COPD patients and CT scanners. By positioning CT alongside other diagnostic methods for the accurate and precise quantification of COPD, this project is extremely valuable for advancing care of COPD patients.