CVIT presents 11 studies at 2024 SPIE Medical Imaging

A total of 11 cutting-edge scientific studies will be presented at the 2024 SPIE Medical Imaging conference by researchers from the Center of Virtual Imaging Trials (CVIT) and RAILabs. SPIE Medical Imaging conference, this year co-chaired by our TRD3 leader Dr. Joseph Lo, is scheduled to take place from February 18-22 in San Diego, CA. Experts and researchers from CVIT and RAILabs will unveil their contributions across diverse research areas and modalities solidifying the commitment of these institutions to advancing the field of medical imaging.

The array of presentations will encompass topics ranging from the clinical evaluation of automated exposure control systems in radiography to breakthroughs in photon counting CT technology. Additionally, attendees can anticipate insights from virtual imaging trial studies and the optimization of contrast media administration, showcasing the multifaceted expertise of these institutions. Finally, noteworthy is the presence of plenary speaker Cynthia Rudin from the Interpretable Machine Learning Lab at Duke, who will share insights into interpretable deep learning in medical imaging.

Following is the list of the studies from CVIT and RAILabs:

Monday 02/19

  • Francesco Ria: Performance assessment of photon counting versus energy integrated CT: concordance of in vivo and phantom measurements
  • Amar Kavuri: Quantitative accuracy of lung function measurement using parametric response mapping: A virtual imaging study
  • Xuan Liu: A residual-attention multimodal fusion network (ResAMF-Net) for detection and classification of breast cancer

Wednesday 02/21

  • Fakrul Islam Tushar: Virtual NLST: towards replicating national lung screening trial
  • Mridul Bhattarai: A generic model of semiconductor-based photon-counting detectors for spectral CT
  • Cindy McCabe: A comparative study on the utility and choice parameters of photon-counting CT for bone quantification
  • Darin Clark: Multi-Channel Reconstruction (MCR) Toolkit v2.0: open-source Python-based tools for X-ray CT reconstruction
  • Nicholas Felice: Enhanced CT simulation using realistic vascular flow dynamics

Thursday 02/22

  • Saman Sotoudeh-Paima: Development and application of a virtual imaging trial framework for longitudinal quantification of emphysema in CT
  • Cindy McCabe: Synthesizing heterogeneous lung lesions for virtual imaging trials
  • David Kim: Random walk small intestine models for virtual patient populations

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