An in-depth tutorial for Virtual Clinical Trials at SPIE Medical Imaging conference

SPIE Medical Imaging Conference 2023 is offering a special course in Virtual Clinical Trials (VCTs), Sunday 19th February 8.30am -12.30pm,  at the same venue of the conference, in San Diego (California). Course instructors are CVIT Faculty Dr. Ehsan Samei and Dr. Ehsan Abadi, and Dr. Andrew Maidment from Penn Medicine. The course will provide an essential introduction to virtual clinical trials, focused primarily on imaging. In particular, the covered topics include models of human anatomy and physiology, models of imaging processes primarily CT and breast imaging, models of interpretation processes, standardization of the VCT pipeline, and regulatory prospects of VCT.

The course is of particular interest for professionals from academia, industry and government, interested in adopting or gaining knowledge of Virtual Clinical Trials methods. The participants will have the opportunity, also through examples, to learn about the role and place of VCT in imaging and in medicine, the main components and methods of a virtual trial, the constituent software components and the underlying statistical consideration for conducting VCTs.

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