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Key Discussions for the Virtual Imaging Trials in Medicine Summit

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Date: March 15, 2024

Speakers: Ehsan Samei, PhD

Dr. Samei presents a preview of the upcoming Virtual Imaging Trials in Medicine (VITM) summit to be held at Duke University. This talk highlights key action points of the conference: emphasizing the reduction of trial time and cost, assessing medical product usefulness, designing efficient human trials, cost-efficient prototyping, digital twinning, and reducing animal trials.

Four main discussion sessions of the summit will be highlighted. The “Real plus Virtual” session explores the synergy between real, in-silico, virtual/phantom, and hybrid trials, examining their respective pros and cons to maximize the evaluation of medical products. The second session, “Physics plus Biology,” delves into the impact of simulation and basic science on metabolism, treatment, and disease progression, centering on critical considerations like biological realism and ground truth definition. “Virtual meets Reality,” the third session, focuses on democratizing virtual trials and overcoming barriers to universal adoption. Lastly, the “Virtual meets Diversity” session explores strategies for generating digital patient representations and addressing diversity gaps in clinical trials and emphasizes the importance of stochastic realism in AI-centric approaches for inclusive clinical trial methodologies.