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Credibility of In Silico Medicine Models

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Date: December 15, 2023 12-1 PM Eastern Time

Speakers: Marco Viceconti, PhD

The term In Silico Medicine indicates the use of modelling and simulation to investigate human health. The most common applications are Digital Twins, where a patient-specific model is used as a clinical decision support system, and In Silico Trials, where models are used to reduce, refine, and partially replace in vitro, animal, and clinical experimentation in the assessment of new medical products. In both these contexts of use, an essential element is the credibility, intended as the accuracy with which the model predicts a measurable quantity observed in the same conditions of the simulation. In this seminar, we provide a brief theoretical reflection on the concept of credibility, explore how this is being adopted in the regulatory pathways for Digital Twins and In Silico Trials, and the barriers that are slowing down the widespread adoption of these methodologies.