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Virtual clinical trials are central to bench to bedside research: The Image X Institute Experience

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Date: August 18, 2023 4-5 PM Eastern Time

Speakers: Paul Keall, PhD, Tess Reynolds, PhD, and Owen Dillon, PhD

The Image X Institute is at the University of Sydney in Australia. Image X has the mission to improve the lives of cancer patients by inventing and advancing new ways to image and target their disease with radiation therapy. Image X has achieved significant bench-to-bedside clinical translational milestones in 4D imaging, real-time tumor position localization, real-time adaptive radiotherapy, CT ventilation imaging, and audiovisual biofeedback. Additional programs included the research and development of the Australian MRI-Linear accelerator and the Nano-X cancer radiotherapy system. This presentation has described the central role of virtual clinical trials in their bench to bedside research, giving several examples.